15 minutes $25

30 MINUTES $40•60 MINUTES $70

90 MINUTES $95•120 minutes $120

Technique and pressure vary for each client according to their specific needs that session.

Techniques: pfrimmer deep muscle therapy, swedish, cupping, reflexology, stretching, and aromatherapy.

A regular massage is the perfect addition to any routine in achieving over all vitality and wellness.


Hot Stone Massage

60 MINUTES $95 • 90 MINUTES $120

Basalt lava stones are placed and moved along muscles to release tension and provide ultimate relaxation. Allow the warmth to soothe both body and mind.


Face Massage

add on•$20

Enjoy an extra ten minutes of a relaxing face massage releasing any facial or jaw tension while increasing circulation.


Sugar Scrub

Add on•$15

Organic blend of sugar and jojoba oil exfoliates dead skin while a top layer of shea butter softens. May be used for feet, hands, face, back, or legs.



60 MINUTES $120

A series of nine essential oils are dropped along the spine in combination with light, soothing massage strokes. Restores balance and harmony for both body and mind. Includes an essential oil reflexology foot massage that will invigorate energy and spirit.  



15 minutes $25•30 minutes $40

Gliding or stationary cups reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks, increases range of motion, and eases chronic pain.


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Massage should not replace medical care and any medical condition should be cleared prior to receiving a massage.